segunda-feira, novembro 15, 2004

Belleville Rendez-vous

Assisti ontem esse filme, e simplesmente AMEI. Já está nos meus ultra-favoritos.

"Look out, Nemo. Your main competition as Oscar bait has been found. THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, a clever if bizarre blend of vintage Warner Bros. Cartoons, postmenopausal Andrews Sisters and Buster-Keaton style bumbling, starts with the most Disney of premises: a lonely orphan is consoled by his teeny club-footed granny with a gift of a bicycle. But once Champion hops on his wheels, the nearly dialogue free French-Canadian-Belgian coproduction takes off to places weird and whimsical. The visually splendid oddity directed by French animator Sylvain Chomet sent the crowd into frequent fits of giggles and its exposure here could definitely give Disney-Pixar's FINDING NEMO, a run for the feature animation Academy Award."
-Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY

Really a masterpiece. Ler essa bizarrice: "postmenopausal Andrews Sisters" me fez rir. Pior é que parece mesmo. Mas eu adoro as Andrews Sisters. Mesmo pós-menopausa.

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