segunda-feira, fevereiro 14, 2011

I miss a lot the comfort of a good old friendship.

Just feeling I should post something in here to start this New Year, despite not having something interesting to share, but just to keep the tradition. :) That moment when you just start writing anything and go on with the mind flow.

After all those years, I'm still feeling sick with all people's bs by my side. So tired of people and their craziness, tired of girls that could never have one single intelligent conversation in all their lives, it seems that they can only talk about boobs and their asses. I feel sorry for them (but not too much). All these morons talking about big brother and those stupid tv shows like it's something that could change their boring lives. I feel like vomiting watching this shit, for real. And also this sick way of life that I'd put my self on that seems to be making me so blue and down forever, without a chance to get better. Sure I should live a better, happier and healthier life, I know I deserve it. But it's being so hard to be strong all the time and carry on despite all the shit people do to fuck me all the time. I should be stronger, but I feel so bad sometimes that I cannot imagine how to start, what to do to get out of this shit, it seems so difficult even to wake up earlier and prepare a meal to start a good day. Maybe this writing could help me to find responses. It can't be bad at all. At least it kept me sane in the past, kept me away from the total despair and killing people. lol

Don't know, but it seems like the world is becoming an exclusive place to spread the idiocy more and more. Darwin was wrong. Stupidity rules the world. And I couldn't feel comfortable watching it happen before my eyes, if you know what I mean. It just doesn't make any sense, it doesn't feel like it should be this way. For instance, we are getting older, but people are not getting wise with time, but the contrary. I'll not dive into the details of all the things that bore me to death in my life cause it's too boring even for the king of boredom. I just felt like talking about it for relief purposes, like a cheap and fast virtual therapy. It's been a long time since my last post and I decided I should write more, like in the old times when I used to whine like hell (and I can still complain of the same reasons today, which proves I'm still a retard). Maybe it makes me feel better, let's see. All this thinking and throwing, at least will keep me away from Mahjong, Shishensho and Solitaire (enough of them for a lifetime). But I'm gonna keep the Farmville and Mafia Wars addiction for now.

So see you later, guys.

F and her lovely cats.

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Carol disse...

Yes, life sucks sometime... But it's the only thing your really call yours, isn't it? People and things are where you put them, you decide how much value you'll give to them too.

I love when you write.