sábado, março 12, 2011

Declutter time! Project Simplify

In the last few days I was thinking about my life and the stuff that is still making me sad about it and I think the mess around me is one of the main causes of this stuck-in-the-shit-forever kind of behaviour and feelings that results in more and more mess in my mind that reflects in my routine and more physical mess around in a vicious circle. So since I found this interesting project today, I decided to join it and start decluttering my life and the spaces around me the best I can. It will be hard. VERY hard. Specially living with a crazy old man that collects every piece of shit he founds in the trash can. Yeah, he's that sick. So wish me luck.
I'll try to finish the first part this weekend since I'm beginning a bit late. But I'm sure I can do it. :)

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Mas disse...

Wishing you good luck with this project, Fabiana! ;^)

And remember: "3. On Friday, I’ll reveal my own “before” and “after” photos." ;^))

Best wishes from The Netherlands,