quinta-feira, julho 14, 2005

Excellent quote. (link here)

Have you tried Distro XYZ?

This is quickly becoming the most annoying question in the history of mankind. It doesn't matter *which* distro you've tried or haven't tried. They all run on similar principles. No one distro magically solves all the issues facing Linux today. Sure, some have strengths over other distros, but they also have weaknesses. As a result, you find yourself in a conversation like this:

Me: I tried RedHat, but XYZ was giving me headaches.
FanBoy1: You should try Gentoo, it fixes all your problems!
Me: I tried Gentoo, but problem ABC was a show-stopper for me.
FanBoy2: Gentoo is crud! Use SuSE!
Me: I tried SuSE, but it didn't support 123.
FanBoy3: That's because you should have been using Debian all along!
Me: I tried Debian, but it broke.
FanBoy4: That's because Debian is out of date. Ubuntu is the future!
Me: Ubuntu still has issue Z.
FanBoy5: I understand all your issues with Ubuntu. I ran into them myself, so I switched distros. You should really try RedHat!

And so this crazy circle completes.

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